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Reiki Training In Chennai

Courses Offered

Learn the following Reiki Courses in Chennai, India from the Third Eye Reiki Services™ Reiki chennai center.in India.

Reiki Level I Basic & Level II Advanced Course

* Course Conducted on a weekend
* Saturday 9:30 am to 4:00 pm - Reiki Level I Basic
* Sunday 9:30 am to 5:00 pm - Reiki Level II Advanced
* Lunch provided

Course fee inclusive of

* Practice cds
* Reiki Level I and II manual.
* Certification

Please call us to register for the course and for the Schedule of the course
+91 9600015115, +91 9444342693 , +91 44 42877131 Contact Us.

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Third Eye Reiki Level I - Basic

Third Eye Reiki Level II - Advanced

Third Eye Reiki Level III - Mastership

Third Eye Reiki Teachership

Magnified Healing Mastership / Teachership

Dr. B Aswin Roshan Ph.D.(Reiki)
- Powerd By Third Eye Reiki Services
Plot No. 49, Door no 7,
First Floor,Second Cross,
Chandran nagar, Chromepet,
Chennai - 600044.

landmark- near venketeshwara hospital.

Mobile #: +91 9444342693
              +91 9600015115
Ph #: +91 044 42877131
e-mail: mail@reiki.ooo

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Plot No. 49, Door no 7,
First Floor,Second Cross,
Chandran nagar, Chromepet,
Chennai - 600044.
TamilNadu, India.
landmark- near venketeshwara hospital.

Reiki can be learned and practised as self-care by anyone who is interested in Reiki healing. Children can also learn to practice Reiki and as can the elderly. Learning Reiki does not require any special background or credentials. Simplicity is one of the hallmarks of Reiki practice and one can learn Reiki healing in about ten hours of in-person training at our Reiki training center in chennai. Reiki is a purest form of healing which does not dependent on individual talent or acquired any special ability.

Why should you learn Reiki at our Reiki training center in Chennai, India?

It is a great experience to receive Reiki healing from someone else, a professional or a friend, you should also consider the option for learning to practice Reiki on yourself. The convenience of self-care is always valued by people with health challenges and also valued by others having busy schedules and looking to have more balance in their life.

Daily Reiki self-care healing gives an opportunity to restore balance of your body, reduce stress, and reconnect with an experience of unique wellness. Our Reiki training center in India helps to understand and learn Reiki healing in the most efficient and easiest method.

Learning Reiki self-care can benefit people who are healthy and those with chronic health conditions, whether it's diabetes, asthma, cancer, epilepsy, fatigue syndromes, depression, or heart disease, to name just a few. They can practice Reiki on themselves every day to reduce stress and strengthen wellbeing and repeat the Reiki practice as often as they feel the need.

It's proved that Reiki has potential for benefiting animals as well in many of the same ways experienced by humans. Those offering Reiki to their pets often get their pet's interest and cooperation!

How our Reiki training help you?

You can heal yourself (since you are the only one who can anyway)
You can help others heal themselves
You can use Reiki treatment on animals
You can implement on situations (past, present and future)

The Five Principles of Reiki

Dr. Mikao Usui gave us five Reiki principals to live on. Since he understood that our thoughts and emotions can directly affect our physical body, he gave us these important 5 Reiki principals to help us making our mind more positive and train it accordingly.
The Five Reiki Principles by Dr. Mikao Usui:
Just for today, I will do my work honestly. Doing honest work brings purpose.
Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing. Being kind adds love to your life.
Just for today, I will not worry. Letting go of worry brings trust.
Just for today, I am grateful. Being grateful brings contentment.
Just for today, I will not be angry. Letting go of anger brings peace.

What to look for in a best Reiki training center or course?

The question How to Find the Right Reiki Course arises in our mind as soon as we plan to learn Reiki through a Reiki master. You should look at the few points mentioned below while searching for Reiki training centres from India.
Do you experience a good vibe from the Reiki training master? The word vibe is short form of vibration and that is what Reiki is everything about. So you should trust whatever you intuitively pick up.
Does the cost for the Reiki course training worked for you? How is it while compared to other Reiki cources?
Can contact previous Reiki students from same master or those currently taking the Reiki healing training?
Of course, goes without saying that I would definitely love to have you in any of my regular Reiki classes!

Levels in Reiki

There are 4 levels in Reiki.

I Level I - Basic

1. Introduction
2. History
3. Principles & Concepts of Reiki
4. Body points
5. Reiki Initiation
6. Sharing of Experience
7. Self Treatment / Treating others
8. Group Treatment
9. Reiki Meditation
10. Chakra Balancing

II Level II - Advanced

1. Symbols
2. Initiation
3. Body practice using symbols (self)
4. Sharing of Experience
5. Aura Treatment
6. Scanning
7. Meditation
8. Treating others with symbols
9. Distance Healing - Method
10. Reiki Applications - Wish Box, Healing relationship etc.
11. Reiki to plants, animals, charging water, babies and children

III Level III A - Master Healer

1. Introduction
2. Master symbol (USUI), Intensive Healing symbols
3. Initiation
4. Body practice
5. Crystal grid
6. Reiki Meditation

IV Level III B - Master Teacher

1. All master symbols
2. Healing attunement
3. Attunement process
4. Modern Attunement method
5. Distance Attunement
6. Self Attunement
7. Violet Breath
8. Increasing the personal magnetism