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Get Healed 365 days a year starting at just $100 per year

Reiki Distance Healing

Distance Healing for Individuals
Distance healing is done for one hour every day for 365 days i.e 1 year at $100 per year i.e. less than 28 cents or Rs.18 a day.

The following procedures are carried out in healing

*clearing away all the negative karma accumulated in this lifetime and all the past lifetimes.
*clearing away all negative elementals in the auric web.
*clearing away all the dhoshas( curses).
*clearing all negative and misqualified energies.
*clearing away residual karma and psychic debris.
*clearing away negative entities.
*Healing and filling body with divine energy and wealth.
*Healing , activating and balancing the chakras.
*Healing the five koshas and physically, mentally and emotionally
*Healing the relationship problem
*Healing the ailments and area of need requested by the individuals.
*Stabilizing the chakras and aura.
*Activating a psychic shield to protect the person wholly and completely.
*individual's photo and details kept in pyramid for receiving healing 24x7.
*Healing with reiki symbols.
*Cutting the negative psychic chords of fear that are draining your energy and vitality.
*Healing and energizing the subconscious mind.

Distance Healing for Companies and Businesses

The brands who’s name or logo featured in this website will also be healed with Reiki System Of Natural Healing for the duration for which they have subscribed for(1 year).

If you are wondering how the healing is possible. With Reiki it is possible to remotely heal, energize and harmonize any business completely with just the business name or logo. It is not possible to harm anyone with reiki ,reiki is purely positive divinely guided energy.

Benefits of Reiki Distance Healing

Reiki healing…

* Enhances the positive energies.
* Provides a shield of positive light that protects and empowers your business.
* Removes negativity, puts an end to repetitive negative patterns.
* Heals and creates an atmosphere of prosperity and abundance.
* Balances and harmonizes the energy of your business.
* Energizes your business with positive energy.
* makes one very lucky and creates positive luck cycles.
* Helps in materializing the goals and visions the companies have.

*More about reiki at www.reiki.ooo

What kind of Distance Healing will I be doing.

* Will heal all the logos and companies featured in this website with a variety of reiki symbols every day.

* Will include these companies in group healing that takes place at the Third Eye Reiki Services center every weekend.

* The logos and companies will be placed within a pyramid that has been programmed with reiki so that it showers both reiki energy as well as pyramid energies 24x7.

* Angel therapy will also be carried out along with reiki which involves the use of angels, gods and goddesses in healing, shielding and clearing the karmic debt of the companies.

The Above said healing will be done for the companies who sign up for a duration of 1 year i.e. all the 365 days, one hour session per day.

Reiki healing is generally expensive it costs around 90$ an hour , considering this doing healing for all the 365 days, at such a nominal fee of $100 is quite a deal.

Dr. V B Roshan Shankar Narayan Ph.D.(Reiki)
- Powerd By Third Eye Reiki Services
Plot No. 49, Door no 7,
First Floor,Second Cross,
Chandran nagar, Chromepet,
Chennai - 600044.
TamilNadu, India.
landmark- near venketeshwara hospital.

Mobile #: +91 9444342693
              +91 9600015115
Ph #: +91 044 42877131
e-mail: mail@reiki.ooo

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